Complete solution for reliable, legally compliant and efficient business.

Complete solution for reliable, legally compliant and efficient business.

A full range of information solutions and services to support your financing

We offer a complete business solution, that provides everything a leasing company needs for its work. We are specialized in leasing and financing and over 80% of all leasing investments in the former Yugoslavia are financed through our information system.

Our flagship product is our own integral IT system called Nova, which covers the whole business process of a leasing company. It is built with modern architecture and assures the highest security and audit standards.

Complete approach

We believe that an IT solution alone is not enough for successful and long-term cooperation, so we offer our clients a complete approach along with support and consulting. Only with appropriate education, transfer of knowledge and information in this field it is possible to maintain a quality relationship, so we pay extra attention to this.

Software development

We only offer software solutions developed by ourselves and based on many years of experience.

We follow modern trends and good practices in software development and adapt our IT solutions to the needs of the market and the specific requirements of our clients.

Customer support

Our qualified consultants from local customer support departments offer quick and quality support in solving more or less complex problems in local language.

Beside the development of our products, we also provide up-to-date user manuals and online documentation in local language.

Mutual rights and obligations related to customer support are defined in a mutual service level agreement.

Status of your support requests can be monitored online.

Contact us and our qualified staff will be happy to help you.



In addition to customer support we also offer professional consulting on more demanding challenges.

On your request we organize additional trainings for your staff to make it easier for them to work with our software.

We actively cooperate with local leasing associations and regulators. We are pro-actively engaged in the challenges initiated by legal and other changes related to leasing industry. With that we contribute to legal compliance and transparency of leasing business.

Where can we help you with our IT solutions?

  • Financing calculations for various financial products.
  • Online calculation (WEB portal for dealers and other sellers).
  • Non-standard calculations (seasonal repayments, moratoriums, ad hoc payment plan).
  • Possibility of implementing an automated approval process (BPM).
  • Customer management (suppliers, brokers, guarantors, agents, owners, partner evaluation).
  • Possibility of automatic evaluation using pre-defined criteria (scoring).
  • Funding frameworks.
  • Preparation of the contract, payment plan and related documentation printouts.
  • Possibility of electronic signing of documentation.
  • Contract activation.
  • Seller commissions and subventions.
  • Managing contracts and financing object data, monitoring all events related to contracts.
  • Invoicing and notifying.
  • Contracts reprogramming (change of duration, early termination, changes in installments due to variable interest rate, restructuring).
  • Insurance management (insurance records, insurance valuation, one insurance for several contracts).
  • Payments management (automatic closing with payments, various strategies for closing receivables, direct debits, integration with the eBanking system).
  • Recovery (late payment interest, various reminder strategies, contract cancellation, records of special events / CRM arrangements, handover to recovery agencies, monitoring court proceedings).
  • Possibility of monitoring contracts, receivables and liabilities in two currencies (revaluation, calculation of exchange rate differences, posting, different exchange rates).
  • Web portal for customers (review of their contracts, review of the balance and open receivables and collection of documents, payment distribution clarification).
  • Possibility of a web portal for third parties (insurance companies, recovery agencies can monitor the status of engaged contracts).
  • Automated booking of all events in two currencies.
  • Integrated general ledger.
  • Preparation of financial reports and balance sheets based on chart of accounts.
  • Booking management related to partner and contract.
  • Integrated module for fixed assets (monitoring of own fixed assets and assets leased out under operating leases).
  • Automatic provisions calculations (IFRS, different strategies ...).
  • Monitoring of passive loans.
  • Accruals and deferrals.
  • Different booking schemes for different financial products.
  • Creating electronic documents (eDocs) with associated metadata.
  • Storage of electronic documents (eArchive).
  • Scanning tool (Scantool).
  • Documents distribution based on GMI barcodes.
  • E-invoicing according to national standards.
  • E-signature documents (integration with different providers).
  • Notifying via e-mail and SMS.
  • Integrations with third party systems (using various modern technologies).
  • Automation of all business processes with our own BPM platform, which allows us a high level of integration with all our systems.
  • Own data warehouse.
  • Integration with external data warehouses.
  • Built-in regulatory reporting (in SLO: SISBON, SISBIZ, Bank of Slovenia; in HR: HANFA, HROK…; in BIH: CRK; in SRB: National Bank of Serbia, credit bureau, …).
  • Ability to create custom reports.
  • Possibility to implement custom data exports / imports, management reports.
  • Implementation of various custom made reporting plug-ins.

NOVA information system for leasing and financing

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