Join the team that creates the best IT solutions for the financial market.

Join the team that creates the best IT solutions for the financial market.

Why us?

  • We value, conquer and share knowledge.
  • We help each other and share experiences.
  • We do not avoid problems, but also solve them together.
  • Every vote counts.
  • We are always open to new ideas and knowledge - we never stop learning.
  • We encourage entrepreneurship.
  • We take care of the well-being of our employees.

Our benefits

It is important to feel good at work, that is why we offer a wide range of benefits to help you be more focused, motivated and satisfied in your workplace:

Involvement in creating technologically modern IT solutions for the financial market
Work with IT and finance professionals
Business performance bonuses
Work-life balance
Personal and career development
Possibility of hybrid work (work from home)
Concern for employee well-being
Healthy work environment



»I joined the company immediately after finishing school. From the very beginning, the company has allowed me to quickly integrate into their way of working as well as personal and professional development. I like the relationships with colleagues the most, the relaxed atmosphere and the possibility of hybrid work (work from home).«

Samo F.
Software developer

»We never run out of work, there is always something new, interesting, fun. The code is easy to read, it is easy to learn programming, as well as content. The employees are great, always ready to help in all areas, and they also maintain a great atmosphere.«

Mitja M.
Software developer

»The management takes excellent care of the work-life balance, listening to employees and individual needs. An additional bonus is the great collaborators.«

Klemen V.
Software developer

»In my work, I face new work challenges every day, which, like puzzles, activate my creativity and desire to find the best solutions. The best at the end of the day are the satisfied customers, who thank you for helping them with your solution.«

Anastasia V.
Technical and content support specialist

»I have been employed by the company for 3 years. What I like the most is the relaxed working atmosphere and the fact that you are praised and rewarded for your good work.«

Tina P.
Technical and content support specialist

»After studying Russian and Polish, I didn’t think I would land in IT, but I enjoy my work here as it is always a challenge and offers the possibility of improvement. I value relationships and a warm atmosphere in our company even more than work. The management is always understanding and flexible, and with my colleagues ... what can I say ... we have a great time :)«

Špela P.
Tester and technical writer

»The most important thing is the good relationships between co-workers, and I think GMI can boast about that, among other things. I am currently working through the student service and I want to continue the story with them for many years to come.«

Zala H.

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